Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Binge Watch Your Favorite Shows Anywhere

    I binge a bit of tv every night in bed. I use my phone since my tv isn't a smart television. However, my hand gets tired, or my neck gets cramped trying to see it while my phone sits on my bed sight table. Now we can all binge watch tv anywhere!

Binge Watch Your Favorite Shows Anywhere

    Thanks to the FUTESJ Gooseneck Tablet stand, you can binge television of your device comfortably. This stand is universal and will hold tablets from 10.5 inches, as well as most smartphones. It works with Samsung S6, S7, S8, the Note and many more. The stand also holds iPhone 5s, 6s, 7, 8 and X too.

    The bracket slides up to accommodate each device. It the clips to any table, desk, or nightstand so you can watch tv. Since it's a gooseneck, you can adjust it so you can easily view your device. The ball knob also give you 360° rotation so you can manipulate it where you need it.

    It even has openings in the bracket for charging your device. You can access your headphone port as well through the openings.


    The FUTESJ Gooseneck Tablet Stand is made from sturdy magnesium alloy. This assures you that it will stand up to everyday use. Because it's adjustable and bendable, you can fit it in any bag, and don't have to worry that it can't take being manipulated.

I Love It!

    Since I received my FUTESJ Gooseneck Tablet Stand I have been able to enjoy my favorite shows in bed. I attached mine right to my nightstand, and I just clip my phone in. It's so handy and it saves my hand and neck from becoming cramped. 

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