Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Add Some Beauty to Your Wall

    Tired of drab walls? Why not add some beauty to them with a tapestry? It's an inexpensive and easy way to spice up any area.

Add Some Beauty to Your Wall

    A quick and simple way to spice up any wall in your home is a tapestry. I just got my sister and brother in law this gorgeous Psychedelic Forest one as a housewarming gift. They're theme is a lodge with all sorts of animals, so this one was absolutely perfect! 

    The background looks like colored barn boards. Then it has gorgeous shadow like images of giant forest trees and elk. My brother in law loves bucks with big racks, so I knew he was going to love this.

Perfect Addition to a Boring Dorm Room

    Sending a kid off to college? This tapestry would be a great way to decorate a boring wall in their room. They can quickly and easily add a touch of themselves to their dorm room. Making it look and feel more homey. 

More Than a Wall Hanging

    What I love about tapestries is they are more than just a wall hanging. You can use them as a picnic blanket. Or even at the beach. I personally have a tapestry that I use as our family beach blanket. Not only does it look nice, but it's easier for me to spot where we're at when I drift away while body surfing.

Large and Soft

    This Psychedelic Forest tapestry is a great size. It measures fifty-one inches by fifty-nine inches. It's made from a soft and comfortable one hundred percent polyester fabric. It can be machine washed too. If you use it for a beach blanket, you can easily shake sand off of it to pack away when it's time to leave.

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