Monday, June 11, 2018

A Sizzling Summer for Your Pooch

    My girls are happy it's summer. Josie loves to bask in the sun, while Bayleigh loves to swim and play in the water. They're two very different dogs, but can agree on one thing. That's their love for They are helping my girls have a sizzling (and tasty) summer!

A Sizzling Summer for Your Pooch

    On Friday we were at the creek. Josie was sunbathing, and Bayleigh was swimming with her boy. I saw the FedEx truck come in and new what was coming. All I had to do was say, "Girls, your Chewy order is here," and they were ready to go. 

    I knew they were about to be even more happy when they saw what was in that box! That's because I ordered them the new Blue Buffalo Sizzlers. A healthy, canine friendly alternative to bacon.

A Natural Alternative That's Yummy and Healthy

    Blue Buffalo Sizzlers are made with real pork. In fact, it's the number one ingredient. They also added vitamins and minerals so it's not just tasty, but good for your pooch as well. There's also oatmeal and skim milk in the Blue Buffalo Sizzlers. How awesome is that?

    Guess what Sizzlers don't have? They don't have chicken or any poultry by products. There's no corn, wheat or soy, which is great for the fur babes with food allergies. Oh, and there's also no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

What Do My Girls Think?

    Check out the video above. I don't think I need to tell you that I couldn't even get the bag open fast enough for them. Poor Josie just couldn't contain herself and wait! They get a treat every morning while I'm making my coffee, and then in the evening. This is how she behaves when I ask if she wants a Sizzler. So, my girls definitely give Blue Buffalo Sizzlers and, two BIG and two little paws up!

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