Friday, May 4, 2018

When Your Body is too Old to Camp, You Glamp

    We love camping. It's one of our favorite family past times. However, we're not getting any younger, and tent camping is wreaking havoc on these old bones. If you can relate, then this post is for you.

When Your Body is too Old to Camp, You Glamp

    Tent camping is a blast, and saves so much money! However, when your body can't take sleeping on the hard ground, what are you to do? Well, you could rent a cabin, but that gets pricey quick! Campers are great too, but if you can't afford one, (or a tornado ruins yours) then you still out of luck.

    What if I told you that you could still tent camp, without having to wake up in pain? Or without having to re-inflate an air mattress in the middle of the night? The Venture 4th Self Inflating Sleeping Pad will turn tent camping, into glamping! You'll be comfortable, and wake up feeling refreshed! 

Self Inflating Sleeping Pad 

    My husband was stoked to get the Self Inflating Sleeping Pad from Venture 4th. (It's an early Father's Day gift.) He's pretty tall (six foot to be exact,) so he was happy that the pad is seventy two inches in length. He's tried cots and such before, but none are long enough for him.

    Even better, this sleeping pad provides a protective layer from the cold and dampness below. With an R-value of 4, it insulates your body from the cold ground, and can even be used in the winter. This is huge for him, because of all the titanium in his body, the chill from the ground causes him a great deal of pain. He won't have to worry about that now! 

Soft Foam That Inflates Itself

    This sleeping pad is made from durable and comfy foam. The 500 series pneumatic valve quickly inflates the pad, so you don't have to. It inflates in seconds too! Less work and set up time means you'll have more time to enjoy your camping trip! 

    It's lightweight too, so it's easy to carry. Whether you'll be backpacking to your favorite camping spot, or just don't want to lug a bunch of stuff, this Self Inflating Sleeping Pad is perfect. My husband commented that he love it "because we have to pack so much for the kids, and this beats lugging a bulky air mattress, that goes flat anyway!"

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