Thursday, May 17, 2018

Wedding Rings Just Got Groovier!

    I see more and more people rocking silicone wedding bands. However, if you want quality and style, then you have to check out Groove Life. Their silicone rings are groovier than any other.

Wedding Rings Just Got Groovier

    Groove Life Silicone Rings aren't just groovy because they are the most stylish on the market, but all in their design. You see, the inside of each and every Groove Life ring has their patented grooves. These are there to make sure your finger can breath under your ring. They also keep your digits dry. But the world's first breathable silicone ring, didn't just stop there!

Tough as Hell, Just Like You

    Groove Life Silicone Rings are tough as hell. They withstand your everyday life, and your other activities. From working out, to swimming, running, fishing, hunting and more, Groove Life can do it all with you. However, in the event that something does happen to your ring, don't worry. That's because it's covered by their amazing warranty. This lifetime warranty covers your rings from rips, tears, loss, or even if you don't like the color. Groove Rings really are amazing, and our personal favorites! 

Designs You Won't Find Anywhere Else

    What first drew me to Groove Life was their designs. I won't lie. Their rings caught my eye in appeal. The color options are amazing, and then they added a camo line, water camo, the America collection, and even Bohemian inspired rings. You will have a hard time choosing just one, so why not grab a few, and change up your Groove Life ring every day! 

One of a Kind Like You

    We're all one a kind, and Groove Life knows it. That's why you can even have your silicone rings customized. They can be engraved with icons, monograms, and text. To see more, check out their customization's.

Thirteen Years. What a Ride!

    In a few weeks the husband and I will be celebrating thirteen years of marriage. It wasn't and still isn't easy. We've overcome Hurricane Katrina, kept it together through a high risk pregnancy, a move home from states away, an autism diagnosis, multiple surgeries and hospital stays for my hubby, then a mental illness diagnosis for our autistic son, and so much more.

    Through it all, we're still kicking butt (and taking names) at life. To commemorate our commitment, we got new Groove Life Rings. My hubby chose two different Mossy Oak camo rings, and his favorite color green. I fell in love with their Bohemian Soar ring in teal. I also got one in sea foam green because it reminds me of the Gulf of Mexico (one of my favorite places to swim.)

    We love Groove Life, and know you will too!

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