Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Turn Bathing into a Sensory Experience

    I've always had to find ways to lull my child into bathing. He's twelve, and still it's an issue. ("There's too much to do to waste time on bathing!") I've found that turning baths into a sensory experience is a great way to get kids in the tub.

Turn Bathing into a Sensory Experience

    The first step to creating a fun bath is knowing what kind of sensory fulfillment your child needs or wants. Let me start by saying that your child doesn't have to be a special needs child to benefit from a sensory bath. Kids in general love them. I've had neurotypical kids here enjoying sensory fun in wading pools, just as much as my special needs son does.

    That being said, let's see what experience you want to give your child. Do they crave smells? If so, then a bath to fulfill their olfactory needs would be perfect. Maybe they like bright lights, and different things to look at. If so, some pool lights, and light up toys will be perfect. If you're looking to fill tactile needs for a kid that loves to feel everything, then maybe a jelly bath, shaving cream "paint" or some cooked noodles. 

We do this one outside because it can get messy. Cook noodles in colored water. That's it! It feels like seaweed!

Bath Bombs are the Bomb

    Liam (and I) especially love bath bombs. These fulfill a few senses at once, and are amazing! We get ours from Sudzy Bums. Her bombs are the bomb. They smell fantastic! They also fizz a bunch so that fulfills Liam's tactile need. He also loves how they color the water too. (He likes to use one of Sudzy Bums bath bombs, and adds in waterproof lights too.)

Fun for the Entire Family

    Sudzy Bums has a full selection of bath bombs, liquid soaps, bar soaps, soaks, scrubs, moisturizers, and so much more. All hand crafted for you and your loved ones. Make sure to get yourself something too, because you deserve to be pampered after getting your kiddo in the tub.

    Does your child love bubble baths? Liam and I both do. For him, I add sensory lights, and add bubbles to his bath. It turns it into an instant sensory fun bath. Sudzy Bums has Bubble Scoops, and Bubble Bath that is perfect for these types of baths. 

Add a Sudzy Bums Bubble Scoops, grab a light wand or some waterproof tub lights, and let your son or daughter have a blast.

Where to Buy

    We love Sudzy Bums, and we know you and your family will as well. So check them out on Etsy

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