Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Take Your Water Exploration to the Next Level

    Liam and I are water babies. We love water, and anything to do it with. Summer is heaven for us because we can fish, swim, and more in local water holes. If you're like us, then you too can take your water exploration to the next level. Whether you live seaside, lakeside, or creekside, the Obliviscar Snorkel is for you!

Take Your Water Exploration to the Next Level

    As I said, we love to swim. Both of would rather swim underwater too. However, for my son, he HAS to have not just goggles, but something to keep water from his nose. Due to sensory issues, this is a must for him. Which is how we discovered the Obliviscar Snorkel Mask.

    This is a full face snorkel mask. It's amazing! You can actually breathe in and out NORMALLY while wearing it too! (However, if you dive deeper, and the tube goes below water, make sure to just breathe OUT.)

Comfortable and Fog Free

    The Obliviscar Snorkel is very comfortable to wear. It's autism approved (by Liam) and we both think it feels normal on our face. This mask keeps all water out, and because of the innovative design, it's fog free. The breathing chamber is closed off your breath won't fog up your mask. It really works.

Non Squeezing

    The Obliviscar Snorkel mask doesn't squeeze your face but seals perfectly. The straps are adjustable so you can get the best fit. It also comes in two sizes. Small/Medium, and Large/Extra Large. Our family wears the Large/Extra Large comfortably.

    Your mask comes with a longer breathing tube so you can easily enjoy snorkeling and exploring, anytime, anywhere.  As a bonus, it comes with a waterproof phone case that fits most smartphones, and silicone ear plugs too. It also comes with a mount so you can snorkel while wearing your GoPro camera! 

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