Thursday, May 31, 2018

Spice Up Your Summer with Domezan Karaoke Microphone

    Summer is (unofficially) here. That means parties, cookouts, barbecues, and more. Spice up your summer with Domezan's Karaoke Microphone. It's portable fun for for everyone!

Spice Up Your Summer with Domezan Karaoke Microphone

    My kids have always loved the karaoke video games. My family enjoys them as well, however, it gets cumbersome having to take game systems and tv's to family gatherings. Well, since we got Domezan's Karaoke Microphone, we no longer have to lug along the fun!

    This wireless microphone comes in it's own carrying case for ease of storage and travel. It connects via phones or tablets via Bluetooth tech. The speaker then wirelessly plays any music you want to sing along with. Or you can use up to a thirty-two gig micro SD card, and insert it right into your microphone to play your music.

Controls Right on the Microphone

    The controls for the microphone are on the square part of the speaker. You can adjust the echo, the volume of the music, and skip and reverse through your music. I love the music volume feature, because my son can turn down the song, so that I can hear him singing better. You can also adjust the bass, reverb, and treble too. 

Party Lights

    The Domezan Karaoke Microphone features really cool party lights. The glowing LED display adds fun to your karaoke singing.

Four to Six Hours on Full Charge

    This microphone has an internal Samsung 18650 battery. This powerful battery will last for four to six hours on a full charge. That's a lot of karaoke fun! It comes with the charging cable, and the auxiliary cord for headphones too. 

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