Sunday, May 20, 2018

Smudge it Away

    I'm a firm believer that natural is better. That being said, yes, we do medicate our son. Because when his depressive cycles got so severe, he needed something more. Now, we have found a balance between natural and medical. We smudge it away, and it seems to be working wonders for my son.

Smudge it Away

    I first discovered Sage Smudging when I was a paranormal investigator with a local group. We often talked about this option with clients, so I was well versed in it calming properties. As my son started to get older, and his symptoms of depression and anxiety deepened, it dawned on me that maybe sage could help him too.

    Guess what? It did. However, we all love the smell of fresh sage, but once it's burning, it really doesn't smell that great. That's why I am so excited to share this Sage Smudge Spray from MoonWater Elixirs with you all.

Smells Amazing and Eases Mind, Body, and Soul

    As soon as my Sage Smudge Spray came, I immediately had to smell it. Let me tell you, it's fantastic! My son struggles with olfactory overload thanks to Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder, so I was curious as to what he would think about it. He loves it too, and immediately sprayed some in the air, and then walked through the mist. 

    However, this spray isn't just special because it smells divine. It's special because of it's ingredients. MoonWater Elixirs, uses planetary alignment, the Moon, and reiki healing to curate the spring water in their spray. There is Sage essential oil, and even a piece of charged crystal in each bottle of Sage Smudge Spray.

Clear the Air

    Feeling like you're in a rut? Is your home full of tension? If so, then give Sage a try. You may think it's hokey, but I am here to tell you, it helps. My son has been using sage to help him since he was seven. He's now twelve, and we still use it. As I said, we don't care for the smell of it once it's been burnt, so MoonWater Elixir's spray is so much better for our family.

     Mist it around your room. Spray your pillows. Use it as a body spray. Either way you choose to do it, you can relax and enjoy the fresh, positive feeling it brings to you. Even your fur babies will enjoy the calming properties of the Sage Smudge Spray.

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