Friday, May 4, 2018

Scoop Away Kitty Stink!

    I love my furry granddaughter to pieces. However, I don't want to smell her urine and bowel movements. Scoop Away kitty stink so you and your family doesn't have to smell it.

Scoop Away Kitty Stink!

    I have a super powerful sniffer. My husband teases me and says my super power is sniffing things. I can't help it if my olfactory senses are in hyper drive!! That means that I can smell a litter pan rooms away. I hate it! 

    When we let our son rescue a sickly, feral kitten, one of the deciding factors was that he was in charge of feeding, watering, and most importantly the litter. He hasn't let us down, however, off brands of litter have.

    There's not much worse than smelling a litter pan. I can smell ammonia from a mile away. Which is why you can't just settle for any litter. We only use Scoop Away.

Scoop It All Away

    What I love about Scoop Away is that it clumps. That way when my son is scooping Clara's litter, he isn't just scooping up the piles of solid waste. Since Scoop Away clumps, her ammonia ridden pee spots clump up, so my son can easily scoop them away. This litter features Ammonia Shield Technology which means it keeps the smell from spreading throughout your home. It also keeps harmful and nasty bacteria from spreading.

    This makes your litter last longer, and keeps it fresh. When scooped daily your kitty will always have a clean spot to do her dirty business! Scoop Away litter is also low tracking, so no little bits all over the house. It's also ninety-nine percent dust free, so it won't take your breath away when you're pouring it.

    We get our Scoop Away litter from They have the best prices around! We get a whopping FORTY-TWO POUNDS of Scoop Away litter for just $15.99! That's an awesome price, and we haven't found it beaten anywhere. Plus, with orders over fifty bucks, you get free one to two day shipping. So add your pets food and treats to the order, and wait for the goodies to come to you! (You can also get toys, leashes, collars, beds, crates, and so much more. It's one stop shopping for cats, dogs, lizards, birds, and more.)

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