Wednesday, May 9, 2018

My Son Asked to be Baptized

    My son doesn't like to be very far away from us. He doesn't spend the night anywhere. He won't stay with a sitter. This is anxiety and autism.

    Recently he actually started to go to youth group at a local church. This was huge because he was getting on a bus at five thirty at night, and getting home at seven. He leaves us for a few hours, and is actually miles away from home. And he learned that he's okay! He's safe! And most of all, he's happy.

My Son Asked to be Baptized

    We got a phone call a few weeks ago from the pastor of the church Liam attends. He asked the pastor to baptize him. I was ecstatic! I wanted to do it when he was a baby, but life got busy. Then came his autism diagnosis, and life got even busier. So it just didn't happen.

    Now, he's turning twelve on Friday, and on Sunday, he will be baptized in front of his family. It was HIS choice. Liam understands fully what it means to be baptized, and he's all excited. Pastor Jason even gave him three options for receiving the holy water. This is huge because autistics have sensory issues, so water can be painful.

    Liam can chose from having a cross symbol made with holy water on his forehead, having the water sprinkled on his head, or being dunked in it. He still hasn't fully decided, though he's leaning more towards the cross. He doesn't like to be splashed (but has no problem with splashing others.) 

A Beautiful Cross

    In honor of his special day, I wanted to get him a beautiful cross to wear. I chose this Brilliant Cross Necklace for him. It came yesterday and it's even more gorgeous in person. Made from 925 sterling silver it's so sparkly! I love that it looks like real wood. It comes with an adjustable chain, to accommodate all sizes. It's sixteen inches, and has an extra two inch extension. 

Gift Wrapped

    This Brilliant Cross Necklace comes in a pretty box for gifting. The box has a nice silver ribbon on it too. It's perfect for gifting because it looks as though it's wrapped. It would make a wonderful Mother's day, or even Father's Day gift for your parents. 

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