Friday, May 4, 2018

My Cat PAWSitively Loves to Eat!

    Yes, my granddaughter is a cat. If yours isn't then you're missing out! ;) One of the things I love about her, is her love of food. When Liam found her she was close to dying. So skinny. So frail. Now that's she's healthy, ready to turn a year old, and spayed, she loves to eat! I'd say other than cat naps, it's her favorite past time!

My Cat PAWSitively Loves to Eat!

    She is getting so chubby and we love it! Now that's she's become an adult cat, she can relish in some other food options. We just got her a case of Purina Pro Plan Seafood Favorites Varieties pack. (It's one of her first birthday presents, but we gave it to her a few days early!) She can't decide which is her favorite!

    It comes with three delectable flavors. There's Seafood Stew Entree in Sauce, Salmon and Rice Entree in Sauce, and last but not least, Tuna Entree in sauce. The Seafood Stew comes with bits of carrots in it, and the Salmon and Rice has bits of rice too! 

This case comes with eight cans of each flavor, and like our cat, yours will love them all! Even my canine daughters try to get a taste of Clara's Purina Pro Plan Seafood Favorites.

Real Fish

    Purina Pro Plan Seafood Favorites is made with REAL fish! It's the very first ingredient! Each can packs a complete and balanced diet for your "furiend." Powerful antioxidants in the food provide powerful antioxidants to support your feline's immune system. The omega-six fatty acids support skin, and help them have a lustrous, and gorgeous coat of fur. Oh and this food is manufactured right here in the USA! 

    We swear by Purina foods. It's what we have raised our kitten on, and she has turned into a beautiful and healthy cat. Our canine daughters love Purina Beneful. It's the only dog food they eat, and they are super healthy too!

    All of our pets foods, treats, and other items comes from They have fantastic customer service, as well as fast shipping. Their prices can't be beat, and you can order it all from home, and skip a trip to the pet store! 

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