Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Knee Pain? No Problem!

    Do you suffer from chronic knee pain? My husband and my father in law both do, and it breaks my heart. When walking or bending becomes too painful, what are you to do?

Knee Pain? No Problem!

    A quality knee sleeve support will help immensely! I just got one for my father in law from Sleeve Stars. These durable and comfortable supports are perfect for anyone. Whether you suffer from chronic knee pain, arthritis, tendinitis, osteoarthritis, lcl, pcl, and more, you can benefit from Sleeve Stars.

Compression to Help Soothe Pain

    The compression offered from Sleeve Stars Knee Support will help improve blood circulation and relieve knee pain. It's also effective in relieving swelling, and inflammation. When worn they offer your knee much needed support. Whether it's just for daily activities, or you need more support for running, workouts, or sports, your knees will benefit from wearing Sleeve Stars Knee Support. 

Ergonomically Designed 

    Don't worry about having to constantly adjust your Sleeve Stars Knee Support. They're ergonomically designed for maximum comfort, and to keep you from adjusting the support all the time. Your Sleeve Stars brace will stay put, which means you can focus on everything but a slipping knee brace!

Sleeve Stars for Osgood Schlatters

    I suffer from immense pain in my right knee due to Osgood Schlatters Disease. It's common among children, but that injury carries over into adulthood. Because of Osgood Schlatters, I have a large bump under the knee cap on that knee. (I have it on the left as well, but it's much smaller and cause me no pain in that knee.) I can not kneel on my right knee because the pain is so immense. Also, if I want to walk for an extended period of time, I need support. I use a Patella Strap for this, and Sleeve Stars has these too!

   As well as having Knee Sleeves and Patella Straps, they also have foot and arm sleeves. You can also get elbow braces, and knee braces too. If you lead an active lifestyle, or suffer from pain or arthritis in those joints, then check out Sleeve Stars. 

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