Sunday, May 27, 2018

Great Gift for Dad Under Ten Bucks!

    I have an awesome gift idea for dads and it's even under ten bucks! You can't beat that!

Great Gift for Dad Under Ten Bucks

    I'm always on the lookout for great gift ideas for my dad, bonus dad, and husband. I find it's harder to shop for the men in my family, than it is to shop for the women. Last week I stumbled upon this Digital Tire Pressure Gauge, and new my husband had to have one.

Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

    This handy dandy gauge is not only an inexpensive gift, but it's pretty awesome too! Uses get an instant digital reading of their tire pressure. It can be used on vehicles, off road vehicles, motorcycles, bikes, and so much more.

    It fits perfectly in your hand, so it's not bulky and awkward to use. This also means that dad can store it in his glove box too. That way it's always where he can access it quickly. 

Displays Pressure in Four Units

    This Digital Tire Pressure Gauge displays your tire pressure in four units. You can choose it to show you the pressure in PSI, Bar, KPS, and kgf/cm². Simply press the red button on the bottom to turn your gauge on. Then toggle through to choose which pressure display you want to use. The gauge shuts off after thirty seconds too, so it will save on the battery. Dad won't have to worry that the gauge will be dead when he goes to use it because of this feature.

Lighted Nozzle and Display

    The nozzle on this gauge is lighted so you can easily see the valve stem to take your tire pressure. The display is LCD and back light so you can read the pressure easier as well. So whether dad is testing tire pressure during the night or day, he can quickly and simply read the gauge.

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