Sunday, May 20, 2018

Fashionable Jewelry to Fulfill Sensory Needs

    My son has always been a chewer. I can't tell you how many shirts he ruined before we knew about autism, and Liam's need to chew. When we did, we sought out chewy tools to help him. However, as he gets older, those cutesy kids chewers aren't so "cool" any longer.

Fashionable Jewelry to Fulfill Sensory Needs

    Now that Liam's a tween, he's much more concerned with appearance, and "looking like a baby." So finding him something that not only fulfills his sensory needs, but also looks more grown up isn't easy. That's why I love Gumeez. Their designs are more in style and don't look like they're chewies. 

Gorgeous Pieces You'll Want to Wear

    Gumeez pieces are so stylish. Kids and even moms will WANT to wear them because they look amazing. But they're also silicone chewies, so they fulfill two purposes. Their necklaces and bangles look so neat! You're going to have a hard time just choosing one!

    They have a full selection of necklaces for moms to wear, as well as ones for younger kids. They have clip on teethers, and bangle bracelets too. You can choose from mermaids, foxes, penguins, and more. There's something for everyone.

Silicone and Safety

    All Gumeez teething jewelry is made from one hundred percent, food grade silicone. That means it's safe for babies and kids (or even adults) alike. They're also BPA and lead free, so you can take comfort in knowing your angel is safe. 

    Gumeez necklaces all feature a break away clasp. This takes away the risk of a choking hazard from the necklace. It also means that if you're wearing it, and your son or daughter wants to chew, they won't be choking you to get to their beads. The necklace will break away so you don't get choked either.

    Not only can you clean your Gumeez with soap and warm water, but they're also dishwasher safe too. Just toss them in and run your dishwasher. Easy peasy!

Whether you have a child on the autism spectrum, or a little one that's teething, check out Gumeez.

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