Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Don't Compete for USB Ports While on Vacation

    We're a family of four (not counting our fur babies.) Therefore, we all have more than one device that relies on a USB port for charging. When we vacation, there aren't always enough outlets for each of our USB ports. So we're constantly competing or staggering charges for everyone. Thanks to KabelDirekt that's no longer an issue.

Don't Compete for USB Ports While on Vacation

    KabelDirekt recently sent us their Four Port USB charger. That means one outlet can now charge four devices at one time. This is fantastic for us! No more arguing over whose phone or tablet has the least amount of battery, and therefore gets priority. No more juggling devices and searching for accessible outlets in our cabins or cottages.

Rapid Charging Wherever You Roam

    The four USB ports on the KabelDirekt charger rapidly charge any USB device. All four are protected against over heating, over current, and short circuits. You can feel safe while charging your family's devices. 

Sturdy and Sleek

    The sturdy design is sleek and goes with anything. You can choose from black or space grey. The housing of the charger is made from aluminum so not only will hold up to life, but it looks great too. 

Perfect for Travel or Every Day

    We won't only be using our KabelDirekt Four Port USB Charger just for travel. As a matter of fact, it's currently plugged into the outlet next to our couch for everyone to use. The charger even comes with three nano pads, so you can mount it anywhere in your home. When it's time for vacation, it will be packed right along with all of our devices so we can use it and eliminate the USB port arguments that follow us on our trips.

    If you have a larger family, or just more devices, then grab two or more of the KabelDirekt Four Port USB Charger. My husband already said he wants to get one more. We usually get a large cottage on Chincoteague Island, and share it with my sister and brother in law. That means a few more devices that need to charge via USB. This way, we can pack less chargers, and actually charge more devices!

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