Friday, April 13, 2018

Show Mom She's the Bomb

    Mother's Day is coming. Now's the time to start getting mom some gifts. I have an idea that will show her she's the bomb. Literally!

These bath bombs even come nicely wrapped for mom!

Show Mom She's the Bomb

    Bath bombs are becoming so popular, and what better way to show your mom that's she's the bomb! I love this set of six bath bombs. They're small and mighty! These little bombs really pack a punch of essential oils to your bath. They also color the water nicely, but without leaving a nasty ring that mom will hate cleaning!

Give Her the Gift of Relaxation

    These bath bombs are a great way to give mom some time to herself, so she can relax with a nice, hot soak in the tub. Since they include essential oils, they'll give her a therapeutic, spa like experience, right in the comfort of her own home. 

    This set of six bath bombs even comes with two pretty rings to make mom feel extra special. They're one size fits all, so they will fit any finger she chooses!

Sore muscles, Aches, and Illness

    Since these bath bombs include essential oils, they're helpful for aches, pains, and even the common cold. The set of six comes with two bath bombs for the cold or flu, and they contain Eucalyptus oil. Two of them contain orange essential oil which is a natural anti-inflammatory, and anti-depressant, so that's perfect when mom is feeling like crud from aches and pains. The last two bombs include lavender essential oil which is perfect for relaxing and having some time to oneself. 

I Love Them

    It's finally Spring here in Northeastern Pa. The weather has finally gotten warmer, but with it, my allergies are coming back. Last night I took a hot bath and used one of the eucalyptus bath bombs. The steam from the water was potent with the oil, and really helped clear out my sinuses some. The oils also added some softness to my dry skin. I loved it and I know your mom will too!

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