Monday, April 9, 2018

Safety, Comfort, and Medical Alert All in One

    One common problem for many autistics is sensory issues. For Liam, one in particular is a seat belt. He hates how it rubs his neck, and always wants to put his shoulder strap behind him. That's unsafe, so we needed to find a seat belt pad to help relieve his discomfort.

Safety, Comfort, and Autism Medical Alert All in One

    Sew Good by Dolores creates the nicest Autism Medical Alert Seat Belt Covers. First of all, they are super soft to the touch (made of micro suede,) and keep the seat belt from rubbing your loved ones skin, or cutting into their neck. 

    Secondly, they will alert first responders, medical personnel, or even police that your loved one is on the autism spectrum. You can choose from Autism, Autism Low Verbal, or Autism Non Verbal. There is a puzzle piece design, or a medical alert design to choose from as well. Each one is embroidered by Dolores, and she can even add a name to your seat belt cover.

    Each one comes with a paper for you to fill in your loved ones medical data. There's even a spot for a picture too. This is so nice in the event of an emergency. Even if your child happens to be verbal, there's no guarantee they will speak or respond to emergency personnel. This way, you'll know that responders will be aware of their condition. (It tucks nicely into the pocket, inside the cover.)

Not Just for Autism

    Sew Good by Dolores, has luxury seat belt covers for other conditions too. She has Heart Disease, Epilepsy, CHD, Deaf, Diabetes, Special Needs, and so many more. To see them all, check out her listing.

    Dolores also makes medical alerts for backpack straps, as well as nice pillows and more. Her embroidery work is flawless and beautiful. The customer service she gives is equally amazing!

Liam Approved

    Liam recently received a Medical Alert Seat Belt Cover from Sew Good by Dolores. I put it on his seat belt and he loved it. He keeps rubbing his face on it. Liam also informed me that, "it makes this nasty belt nicer mama!" So there you have it, it's Liam approved! :)

For more info, visit Sew Good by Dolores

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