Monday, April 9, 2018

Real Pain Relief That Works Really Fast

    I live everyday with pain, as does my husband. For me, it's Fibromyalgia. His pain is due to multiple spinal fractures and surgery, as well as a shoulder fracture and repair, and neck surgery due to arthritis. We just discovered Real Time Pain Relief, and we want to tell everyone all about it!

Real Pain Relief That Really Works

    Living with chronic pain isn't easy. Some days aren't too bad, but some days are really horrible. There are times I don't want to take pain medications, and there are times when the pain meds aren't enough. Which is why we rely on creams and lotions to help. Real Time Pain Relief has a full array of products to help relieve various types of pains, and they work super fast! 

    Simply rub on some Real Time Pain Relief, and relax knowing that in just a few minutes, your pain is going to subside. The targeted relief is just what you need when a certain body part seems to be ailing you. 

No Stink, No Residue

    Unlike other over the counter pain rubs and lotions, Real Time Pain Relief doesn't have an offensive odor. It actually smells good! I would describe it as a fruity, floral scent. That's because it's made with a proprietary blend of herbs. There's no harmful chemicals or GMO's either!

    Real Time Pain Relief won't leave behind a residue either. It goes on smoothly, and absorbs so nicely into you skin. Not only will it relieve your pain, but it will nourish your skin at the same time. 

What We Think

    As soon as we received our Real Time Pain Relief products, my husband had his shirt up and was asking me to apply some to his shoulder. He chose their Hemp Oil Plus. Like I said, it smells amazing, and went on so nicely. There was no slimy or gross residue on my hands or on his shoulders. About ten minutes after I applied it my husband said his pain was gone. It went from gnawing and almost intolerable, to not even noticeable. That's amazing!

    I happen to keep a pump bottle of Real Time Pain Relief Sports Cream on my bed side table. I go back frequently throughout the day, and apply some to the parts of my body that are just aching beyond belief. Within minutes my pain is gone, and my skin not only feels amazing, but it smells fantastic too!

    We are seriously in love with Real Time Pain Relief. We have already told my mother about it to help with her Psoriatic Arthritis, and my father in law that suffers from knee pain after knee replacement. We believe in it so much, that we wanted to share it with all of you too!

For more information, head to their website.

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