Monday, April 30, 2018

Puppy Pop Art You Can Wear or Display

    I love pop art! It's so colorful and happy. Then I discovered Pop Your Pup and realized how adorable "pup art" (or cat art) can be! This is art you can wear or display!

Puppy Pop Art You Can Wear or Display

    Pop Your Pup is the coolest! They take images of your fur baby and turn it into fantastic pop art! Located in Florida (oh how I miss my Tampa home,) the folks there have a true love for art and animals. (It doesn't get any better than that!) These are my people, since I share the same loves. 

    Their online interactive company, works with you to create one of a kind art of you pet. (They only do one pet per image because after all, each pet deserves their very own spotlight!) Artists take your picture and turn it into one of a kind pop art. You choose your background and what you want the image on, and they do the rest.

    If you can't decide on a background, don't worry! You can view your pop art pet on each background so you can make the best decision. That's perfect for people (like me) that have a hard time choosing!

It's Simple and Fun

    All you need to do is snap a pic of your pet, or choose one of your favorite images. Choose your background, and either apparel or wrapped canvas, and check out. In just one business day, the folks at Pop Your Pup will send you the artwork to approve. Once they have your approval, they create you art, and send it on it's way. Easy peasy!

    They have tees, tanks, and crops that you can wear proudly with your best friend emblazoned on the front. They also have blankets, baby bibs, and youth tees. You can get one for each member of your family too!

The Love is Definitely REAL! :)

    You can also choose from three canvas sizes as well. Imagine guests faces when they gaze upon your purrfect pet pop art?! Liam loves his with his bestie Josie Joy and we know you will love yours as well!

    What are you waiting for? Pop Your Pet now!

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