Tuesday, April 10, 2018

PAWrents! Safety, Convenience, and Style in One Pet Collar

    Attention proud PAWrents! I just found the coolest pet collars! They combine safety, convenience, and style all in one. PetTastic collars are PAWSOME!

PAWrents! Safety, Convenience and Style in One Pet Collar

    Spring is finally here. (Even if it is still snowing and cold!) As soon as the weather turns (looks like the end of the week for us,) we'll be resuming our walkies at the local park. I was looking for a new collar for our sweet Josie Joy when I stumbled upon PetTastic. I fell in love immediately.

    First I was attracted to the stylish patterns of their collars. From flowers, to plaid, to unicorns, their pet collars are on point with today's trends. They will immediately catch your eye. For us, the only daughters we have, have fur. So to get them cutesy patterns that you would see on human girls is a lot of fun. We missed out on all of that when buying stuff for our two human boys. Then I noticed how handy they were.

A Special Place for Tags

    As a PAWrent, you know that our fur babies need to wear certain tags. They need to be licensed in our state, as well as have an up to date tag to show that they're vaccinated against rabies. Then there's an ID tag in the event that our precious babies get lost. I always hated having all of these tags hang on the D hook that you hook their leash to. PetTastic solved that dilemma by featuring a special place to attach all of your pet's tags. It's far away from the leash hook up so they're not getting tangled either. 

Comfy and Soft

    These collars from PetTastic are made of sturdy nylon. However, they have an ultra soft neoprene lining on the inside of the collar. That makes them softer against your pet's neck. This is especially important for our Josie Joy as her skin is so very sensitive. She loves her PetTastic collar, and doesn't run from me when I put it on her. This is the first one that she has actually tolerated without a fight.

    The buckle clip is super sturdy too. It's eco friendly, and clips easily around your fur baby's neck. Yet it's strong enough to hold up to everyday use without fear that your dog can break it. As you can see, we fully endorse the collars from PetTastic. Josie gives them two paws up and your pets will too!

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  1. these are really cute collars, we've been looking for a cute and safe collar for our kitten Lila to use, so will keep these in mind. thanks for the review.