Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Keep the Couch Looking New and Fur Free

    As a pet mom, I know all too well the havoc they can wreak on a couch. However, it isn't just them. Kids tend to be slobs too! If you're looking to keep your couch looking like new, then this post is for you!

Keep the Couch Looking New and Fur Free

    Our furniture is always covered in pet fur. Between the shepherd's long coat, the mutt's short hairs, and the cat's fluffy fur, there's always something left behind. Our home isn't home without pet fur! However, I don't want it all over our clothing, let alone have my guests covered in it. Which is why I decided on this couch cover by INNX.

    The cover shields our gorgeous couch from our girls fur, as well as protects it from my son. He's always on the move, and tends to spill and create a lot of crumbs. In order to keep my couch looking like new, I had to do something. I love how the cover looks, (its made of really nice, quilted microfiber suede,) and adore how I can easily remove it when I have guests coming. Therefore, my couch underneath looks brand new, and there's no worry about pet fur being left behind for my guests to sit on.

Easy On and Off, as Well as Machine Washable

    Putting this INNX slipcover on is super easy. It has a strap that goes around the back of your couch to hold it in place. It also has extra side anchors, that you slip between the arms and cushion to help keep it in place.

    When it's time to wash your couch cover, simply toss it in the washer, and set to a cold, gentle wash. Just hang it to dry when it's finished. Easy peasy!

I Love it!

    I love that the INNX Couch Slipcover looks. As well as how it keeps my couch looking like new. When guests come over, I just slip it off and there's no dog hair on my couch to pester my guests. If you have pets and kids, then you're going to love it too! To get yours, click here!

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