Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Give Dad the Gift of Safety

    If you're looking for the perfect Father's Day gift, then look no further. This year you can give dad the gift of safety for his vehicle.

Give Dad the Gift of Safety

    The Auto Escape Safety Hammer from Rohomii will be the perfect gift for dad (or husband, or even significant other.) It features a hammer point on both sides. Made from durable carbon steel which is tested on 10mm glass before sale, you know it will hold up in an emergency.

     In the event that the seat belt is locked, the Auto Escape Safety Hammer has a seat belt cutter. It's on the opposite end, and shaped like a hook. This way it will cut the seat belt, but not the users hands. No one wants to think about malfunctions and car accidents, but the truth is, they happen. In the event that they do, we want our loved ones prepared.

Two Pack for Two Vehicles

     Rohomii's Auto Escape Safety Hammer comes in a pack of two. I love that because if you have more than one vehicle, you'll have a hammer for each. Their focus is safety so when you order the safety hammer, it also comes with a cell phone ring stand and vent clip. The ring stand attaches right to the vent clip for hands free use while driving. So this Father's day, give dad the gift of safety, and yourself the gift of peace of mind.

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