Thursday, April 19, 2018

Create a No Fly Zone for Bugs this Summer

    I love to sit outside and soak up the sun. Cookouts, Camping, and Creeking, are the three c's of summer. (By creeking I mean the swimming hole at our favorite creek.) But what I do hate are the bugs. The mosquitoes, flies, horseflies, and gnats are such a nuisance!

Create a No Fly Zone for Bugs this Summer

    Aowoto Bug Zapper Fly Swatter is here to make your summer more enjoyable! Throw away your traditional fly swatters, because they won't hold a candle to the Aowoto Bug Zapper! No more trying to swat flies and missing! Just sweep the air with your Aowoto racket, and zap bugs out of your life! This racket has three layers so you can get more insects with it.  

Keep Bugs Out of Your Face

    I make a super effective bug spray for my family and one just for our dogs as well. While it keeps bugs from biting us, it doesn't keep them out of our faces, or from swarming our dogs. Now that we have the Aowoto Bug Zapper Fly Swatter, I can swat those gnats away from my dogs outdoor couch before they settle in to get comfy. I can sweep bugs out of the air and away from my family as well. The small electrical charge kills those annoying pests quickly and efficiently. 


    Your Aowoto Bug Zapper Fly Swatter comes with it's own rechargeable batteries. No need for a separate charger either, because it's built into the racket. Just fold out the plug at the end of the handle, and plug it into your outlet. 


    Once you turn on your Aowoto Racket, it still won't zap. You have push the button to actually have the current ready which is great if you have kids. Also, let me point out that the amount of electricity is so small, it's not harmful to humans. However, it's super effective on those pesky insects that surround us when it's warm!

Indoors or Out

    The Aowoto Bug Zapper Fly Swatter can be used indoors or out. Which is perfect for me, because with kids in and out a zillion times a day, our house gets full of flies (and kids) quite quickly when it's warm out. I am so happy I will no longer have to chase flies around with junky swatters. One swing, and done!

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