Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Charge Devices in One Hundred and Fifty Countries

    If you or someone you love is getting ready to travel abroad, then you have to grab this Achoro Travel Adapter. With three different sockets it's sure to fit any outlet you encounter on your travels.

Charge Devices in One Hundred and Fifty Countries

    I have yet to leave the country, but having friends in various ones, I know how much our outlets differ. That means if you're traveling abroad, your typical USB chargers are going to be useless. That's where the Achoro Travel Adapter comes in.

    This adapter has three different socket types that can easily be slid out for use. When you need to switch to a different type, just slide one back in, and slide another out! It's really that easy! The plugs will work in the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe and Australia.

Three USB Ports and One C Type Port

    The Achoro Travel Adapter has three USB ports to charge various smart devices simultaneously. It also comes with a C Type Port. Many newer devices are upgrading to USB C Type ports, so you'll have a port for any device that you own.

Safe to Use

    The Achoro Travel Adapter also has a built in fuse. You can feel safe knowing that the fuse will trip before an electrical fire can spark. It also comes with a spare fuse, so you won't be caught off guard in a new country.


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  1. I travel frequently to Central America so this charger would definitely be put to good use while traveling.