Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Bomax Lightning Fast Card Reader for the Techie

     All right techies, this one is for you! Today I want to tell you about the Bomax Lightning Fast Card Reader, Mobile Flash Drive. Easily transfer data and images from various devices.

Bomax Lightning Fast Card Reader for the Techie

    I love this new card reader from Bomax. My old one worked with a cord, and then over time, the cord was old, and didn't work. So guess what? My card reader was shot. Not this one! I can easily transfer photos, videos, and data from one device to another, without the use of a cord. The device is tiny, and fits easily into pockets, purses and more. 

One Reader Fits All Devices

    The Bomax Card Reader is so versatile, that it has a port for virtually any device. It comes with a standard USB A port, a Micro USB A port which fits most Android devices. It also comes with the newer Android port, the USB Type C, as well as well as the Apple Lightning connector.

    But that's not all! This card reader also holds a standard SD memory card, and a micro SD memory card. One card reader will work for ALL devices! How awesome is that? 

Some Added Details:

  • SD & TF card reader have faster speed and huge capacity, USB 3.0 enables data transfer rates of up to 5Gbps for faster sync times, reading and writing are fast, quickly release memory on your cell phone,Support 8G-2T SD and TF card (Memory Cards are NOT Included).also support SDXC, SDHC, SD, Micro SDXC, Micro SD, Micro SDHC (SLR camera/ Trail Camera/ Go pro Camera). 
  • Download the free APP-iUSB Drive which manage your data on the APP for iPhone ipad very easily, easy to operation,you can use micro sd card reader to backup and restore your contact list, document viewer for all major file formats, voice recorder and text editor etc.

I Use It All the Time

    My family is big into music. I use my Bomax Lightning Card Reader all the time to transfer music files to each of our devices. I store all of our different genres of music on my laptop. When we want to add music to our phones and tablets, I just use my Bomax Card Reader to transfer those files. It's super easy! 

    You can use it to share photos and videos across your devices as well. Even move images from your camera, to your phone, tablet, or computer with ease. It's a super handy device, and perfect for the tech lover in your life.

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