Friday, April 6, 2018

All Natural Dinner and Dessert Doggie Style

    Yes, I cook for my fur girls. They have dry kibble available at all times, but I supplement that with healthy meals from the kitchen. Today I want to share you with a quick and easy omelet with a healthy dessert.

All Natural Dinner and Dessert Doggie Style

    I know that cooking every day for your family, let alone your pets may not be feasible. Heck, I don't cook for them every day. I try to, but sometimes life gets in the way. However, this recipe is simple and your dogs, and even the cat will love it! 

    First off you're going to need a couple of things. The first of which is the Pet Greens Medley from Chewy. We've talked about this before. For under three bucks you can grow your very own pet greens for your dogs and cats. It's super easy, and it grows so well! 

    You're also going to need the dessert! I chose the Wellness CORE Grain Free Marrow Roasts. These treats are made from all natural ingredients. They're grain, wheat, corn, soy and gluten free. Made from real beef without by products, they're packed full of calcium, iron, zinc, and Vitamin A. Best of all, your fur babies will love them!

Let's Get Cooking!

    For this omelet I used four eggs. (Fresh farm eggs are wonderful, but store bought works too! I had to use store bought because my sister delivers my eggs on Friday evenings.) I trimmed back my pet greens (which usually needs done every few days,) and then cut them up into smaller pieces.

    Mix your eggs, add a quarter of a cup of milk, and whisk well. Then add your greens and whisk again. Pour the mixture into a heated frying pan, and cook as you normally would. When mine was done, I added just a bit of shredded sharp cheese for flavor, and a calcium boost. Voila, instant doggie style omelet. By the way, the cat enjoyed a little bit of it too! 

    Plate your omelet, and let it cool before serving. Then sit back and watch as your fur baby devours it. This simple meal is super healthy for them. It adds easily digestible protein to their diet, as well as riboflavin and selenium. Cooking for your pets is a rewarding experience for everyone involved. You could even get your kids to help and teach them how to cook, as well as valuable math skills such as measuring and fractions! 


  1. thanks for posting, I will have to try this and see if our Roxy enjoys it!

  2. I hope Roxy loves it as much as my girls do!