Friday, March 9, 2018

USB Ports On the Go with Anchoro Travel Charger

     I love to travel. I'm currently counting down the days until we head to our little beloved island this fall. However, one thing I hate is taking a bunch of USB port wall chargers. Which is why I love Anchoro's Travel Charger.

USB Ports On the Go with Anchoro Travel Charger

    If you're like me and you hate taking five or more USB ports with you then this Anchoro Travel Charger is for you. It comes with dual USB ports, which greatly lessens the amount you need to pack. For our family of four, I only need two of them. Which is better than the four or five I was packing before!

No Need for a Bunch of Outlets

    Another issue many face while traveling is that not all places have a bunch of outlets to accommodate a ton of USB port wall chargers. When we travel to Virginia to the island, we stay in the coziest cottages. However, they're older so there isn't an outlet on every wall. We were constantly juggling who could charge what and when. With our new Anchoro Dual USB Port Wall Charger, that won't be an issue.

    Two people can charge a device off of one charger and one outlet spot. Which leaves room for another charger, lamps, and more. We always vacation on the island with my sister and brother, so we need a few more outlets. This year we won't. My sister is getting a couple of the Anchoro Travel chargers too, so we will have plenty of USB ports, but not take up all of the outlets.

 We also camp a lot, and the cabins are rustic. There is power, but only one or two outlets per room. We won't have to compete for outlets with our Anchoro Travel Charger!

Perfectly Portable

    I love how perfectly portable the Anchoro Travel Charger is. The dust cover that protects the USB ports, also holds a USB cable (which it comes with.) The plug fold up, so you get a small and convenient port that can go anywhere you do! It fits perfectly in your luggage, carry on, or even in your purse.

   Whether you love to travel, or just want to free up some outlet space at home, then you need the Anchoro Dual USB Travel Charger!

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