Friday, March 16, 2018

Stepping into Poo Never Felt So Good

    Everybody's favorite Emoji is now a slipper. Stepping into Poo never felt so good. Your feet will stay warm, and look adorable in these slippers!

Stepping into Poo Never Felt So Good! 

    My boys love the Poo emoji. They have shirts, stress toys, socks and more featuring this happy bm. Now they have a pair of slippers! 

    These cozy slippers will keep your feet toasty warm. They'll keep the cold floors from making you feet feel cold too! They're nicely padded for cushion and comfort. The dots on the bottom help to keep the wearer from skidding across linoleum or hardwood floors.

Perfect for Tweens, Teens, and Adults 

    These emoji slippers are one size fits all, but are geared towards larger feet. They fit both my tween son, and my adult son. (The tween has room to spare.) If for some reason your kids don't love the Poo emoji, there are other emoji's to choose from!

    They have the tongue out emoji and the one that is showing a toothy grin! You can also choose from panda slippers, or cute and fuzzy sheep. With Easter coming, any of these would make a wonderful addition to your older kids baskets. (They fit me too, so grab yourself a pair too!)

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