Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Small But Mighty Music on the Go From Ancord

    Even though there's a few inches of snow on the ground, Spring is right around the corner. (At least the calendar says so!) That warmer weather means we'll all be enjoying more time outside. If you or your kids like to take your music wherever you go, then you have to check out this Ancord Speaker.

Small But Mighty Music on the Go From Ancord

    Liam is a tween and he has to have his music with him wherever he goes. He also spends a lot of time on his bike. Which is why I don't like him relying on headphones or ear buds for his music. He needs to be able to hear the world around him, while still enjoying his tunes. Which is why I got him the Ancord Speaker.

    It's very small in size, and fits right in the palm of your hand. (Which is great because that means it fits anywhere and goes where you do.) However, don't let its size fool you. The Ancord Speaker delivers crystal clear music and is quite loud. It will put other, larger speakers to shame!

Perfectly Portable

    The Ancord Speaker is not only small but mighty, it's also perfectly portable. Connect to your phone, tablet and more via Bluetooth and enjoy your music. Don't let cords get in the way! You can even take phone calls with it.

But First, Let Me Take a Selfie

    Tweens and teens love to take selfies. Which is good because they'll be able to do just that with their Ancord Speaker. No need for a selfie stick. With the remote shutter button on the speaker you can set up your phone, gather your family and friends, and take that perfect picture. (Hopefully everyone smiles!) Just press the button on your speaker, and voila, instant selfie! Capture those Spring and Summer memories right with your Ancord Speaker.

We love it!

    We all love the Ancord Speaker! Liam carries it wherever he goes. (Which means we rarely get to use it.) With Easter right around the corner, this speaker will make a great addition to your older kids Easter baskets. 

    To get yours, head to Amazon.

(I received this product at a discount to review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. I would not share it with you if I didn't think it was a great product.)

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