Sunday, March 18, 2018

Show Your Super Side!

    We all have a little Super Hero within us. Now your kids can show their super side, and keep warm on chilly nights or days. Enter Super Blanky!

Show Your Super Side! 

    My son loves his blankets! He has more than anyone I know. Liam also happens to love super heroes, with Batman being his favorite. So when I saw the Batman Super Blanky, I knew he had to have one! 

It's a kid! It's a Super Hero! It's a Super Blanky!

    With Super Blanky, kids can cuddle in it and stay warm of chilly days or nights. It's perfect for snuggling up and watching a good movie too! But maybe best of all is that this blanky also doubles as a super hero cape! Kids can just slip their arms through the patented "sleeves," and voila, they have a cape! Liam loves that it doesn't go around his neck because that makes him feel like hes' choking. Instead, Super Blanky goes across their shoulders! Oh, and it also came with a mask, which we know super heroes need to keep their identity secret!

Super Blanky is AWESOME! 

    We love Super Blanky! My son hasn't put it down since he got it the other day. But don't worry, if you child doesn't like Batman, there are a bunch of other Super Blanky styles to choose from. Kids can choose from Skye or Chase from Paw Patrol. There's Poppy from Trolls. Unicorn lovers will adore the Fluffy Unicorn Super Blanky from Despicable Me. They also have a T Rex from Jurassic Park, Catboy from PJ Masks, and an EmojiNation one too! To see them all and purchase online, head to Target.

Soft and Comfy

    Super Blanky is so soft and cozy! My son and I both love it, and we know you and your kids will as well. With Easter right around the corner, your kids will be stoked to find one in their Easter baskets. Afterall, the bunny doesn't just need to bring candy. He or she can bring them their very own Super Blanky. They all come with a special felt mask too, so your son or daughter will love to dress up and be comfy at the same time!

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