Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Science and Sensory Fun All in One

    Whether you home school your child, or you're just looking for some fun experiments to spend a rainy or snowy day, then you have to check out Awesome Science Experiments for Kids by Crystal Chatterton.

Science and Sensory Fun All in One

    This book has over one hundred STEM and STEAM experiments to not only engage your child's brain, but to teach them that these things are fun. Each project outlines everything you'll need to get started, and has full color pictures to show you how. 

    It also teaches your children to question why things work the way they do, and also how they work. While encouraging them to ask these questions, it also gives them the answers so they learn from the fun they're having. 

The Images Make it Exciting

    The full color images in the book make it more exciting for kids. Instead of just seeing "recipes" and instructions, kids will see what they can do with each experiment. I know personally that it helps my son narrow down his choices on which project he wants to do each day. 

Make It: Cornstarch Quicksand

    Cornstarch quicksand has long been a favorite among my boys. (They are 21 and 11 and both still love playing with it. You may have heard of this before by it's other name, Oobleck (inspired by Dr. Seuss.) Not only is it easy to make, but it also fulfills sensory needs for the seekers in your life.

    It's also a great lesson in a non-Newtonian fluid. Is it a solid or is it a liquid? (Spoiler: It's both!) You can make it the traditional way, (and even put it in the tub for more fun,) or to make it even more enjoyable, you can make it into a dough! We do both as you can see from our pictures.

Paperback or eBook

    If you're old fashioned and love a hands on book, then you can get Awesome Science Experiments for Kids by Crystal Chatterton in a full color paperback. Or, you can get the eBook for your tablet or computer. Either way, it's still the same awesome book. (If you have Kindle Unlimited, you can actually get it FREE!) 

About the Author

    Crystal must be the most fun ever! She home schools her three kids and has designed this book so that other parents, grandparents and teachers can feel like Science rock stars! My personally thinks I'm awesome when I tell him it's science experiment day. (So thank you Crystal!)

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