Sunday, March 11, 2018

Scented and Squishy Fruits to Satiate Sensory Seekers from Buylet

    I have a seeker! He's always moving, jumping, squishing, spinning and more. When we go places he has to touch everything to feel it. So how do I stop him from that? I give him sensory toys to keep his hands busy! I happen to love these scented and squishy fruits from Buylet. If you have a seeker, then this is for you!

Scented and Squishy Fruits to Satiate Sensory Seekers

    I just got Liam a four pack of jumbo squishy fruits from Buylet. They were an instant hit! These fruits are so soft and pliable, which makes them a blast to squeeze. Liam likes watching them slowly rise back to shape too. 

    He pokes and prods them, squeezes and squishes them. They're even scented so they not only satisfy a tactile seeker, but an olfactory seeker as well. 

Use Them to Help With Hand Eye Coordination

    Because Buylet's Jumbo Fruit Squishies are soft, they're great for using in a game of catch. Liam still struggles with catching objects. These soft fruits are great for tossing, inside the house and out. You won't have to worry if your child gets hit with them because they are so soft. We even use them for games of Hot Fruit (because fruit is cooler than potatoes!)

For Adults and Kids Alike

    Whether your child has special needs, or just gets anxious, Buylet's Jumbo Fruit Squishies are perfect. They're great for squeezing and relieving stress! My niece loves them too!

    As for adults, they are also an effective stress reliever, as well as perfect for exercising their hands. My mom has Psoriatic Arthritis, and her hands get so sore! Liam gave his Nana the giant Peach and she has been using to stretch her hands every day. She loves it too!

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