Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Reward Her with Relief for Her Tired Eyes with a Heated Eye Mask

    Moms all over often complain of tired, baggy eyes. So this Mother's Day, give her the gift of relief for her eyes with a Heated Eye Mask. I love mine, and I know she will too!

Reward Her with Relief for Her Tired Eyes with a Heated Eye Mask

    As an autism mom, I'm always tired. ALWAYS! You can tell by one glance at my eyes. They're puffy, with nice dark circles around them. I hate it. However, I have found relief with my Heated Eye Mask from Graphene Times.

     It's designed to treat your dry and tired eyes with soothing heat. The far-infrared radiation it creates with the graphene film is very similar to wavelengths created by your body. Which makes it a natural way to relax your peepers.

Helps with Fine Line and Wrinkles

    When you give her the gift of this Heated Eye Mask, you're giving her a spa treatment that she can enjoy daily, right in the comfort of her home. The heated therapy not only helps to rid her of dark circles, but it improves circulation to lessen the look of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Safe and Effective

    Since the Heated Eye Mask mimics the wavelengths created by our bodies, it's safe to use. The mask also has a built in timer. Every time you switch it on, it will work for an hour, and then automatically shut off.

    She can use it to get a better night of sleep, without worry that it will be on all night. It's comfy to wear too, so not only will it block out ambient light in the room, but the heat is an added relaxation bonus.

Great for Headaches! 

    I suffer from headaches almost daily. I also get migraines from time to time, (thankfully not every day thanks to my neurologist,) and this mask has been a God send. Heat therapy is so helpful when you have a headache, whether it's in your eyes or not. The fact that his is a light blocking mask, makes it even better for those times when your head is pounding.

    I seriously love my Heated Eye Mask, and I wouldn't be telling you about it if I didn't. However, let me give you some more information on it, because I know you're like me and want to know more before you buy. 

Key Effects of Far-infrared Physical Therapy:

Vitalizes bio-molecular activation
Analgesic effect
Strengthens immunity function
Regulates autonomic nervous system
Skincare and beauty
Anti-inflammatory effect

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