Thursday, March 22, 2018

Relief for Those That Grind Their Teeth

    Liam and I are both teeth grinders. He grinds his teeth when angry and in his sleep. I grind in my sleep, and clench them when I'm anxious. We rely on dental guards to save our teeth, but not just any guard will do!

Relief for Those That Grind Their Teeth

    Teeth grinding can damage your teeth, and cause you pain. Liam actually had to have his sealed because he had ground some of his enamel right off his teeth! For me, grinding and clenching make my face and even give me a headache. Which is why we wear Land Rich Professional Dental Guards.

    We mold them right to our mouths, and they keep us from wearing away at our teeth while we sleep at night. They're super comfortable and you barely feel like there's anything in your mouth. Liam has a super sensitive gag reflex, but his Land Rich Dental Guard doesn't bother him a bit!

Easy to Use

    To fit your dental guard, heat up some water, and grab a bowl of cold water. Place your guard in the hot water for about 8 seconds. Remove it with some tongs, and shake off excess water. Place in your mouth and with your tongue and fingers, mold it around your teeth and the roof of your mouth. Suck out excess water and saliva to get a nice, tight fit. Then place it in cold water to set it. If you mess up, don't worry! Just place it back in the hot water and start over.

    As you can see from my guard, I make sure plenty of it goes up into the roof of my mouth. This gives it a tighter fit, and really seals it to my teeth when I sleep.

For TMJ Pain Too

    I also suffer from Temporomandibular Joint pain. For that reason, I often wear my Land Rich Professional Dental Guard during the day as well. If I catch myself clenching my jaw, or feel a headache coming on, I simply slip my mouth guard in. It helps to relieve the pain and eases the headache that often comes from the TMJ or clenching.

Safe for Sports Too

     You can even use your Land Rich Professional Dental Guard for sports too. Keep your kids teeth protected from contact sports. After all, once those baby teeth come out, we only get one more set! So keep them safe!

BPA Free and Non Toxic

    Land Rich Professional Dental Guards are designed by dentists. They're also BPA free and non toxic, so they're safe for you and your children. They can be worn safely for months, but for hygiene reasons, you should replace them every three or four months.

    Dental Guard tip! I brush my dental guard every morning when I get up and take it out. I also put it in a small bowl of mouth wash and let it sit for a few minutes at night. I brush my teeth while it soaks, then remove it from the mouthwash and put it in. This keeps it fresh, and makes it last longer. However, when you start to see wear in the tooth bed of your guard, toss it and fit yourself with a new one!

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