Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Put Something Tasty and Healthy in Their Baskets This Year

    Ahh Easter! A candy gorging holiday. Many people give up candy and sweets for Lent, so they tend to over indulge in this very holy day. But this year you can put something in their baskets that isn't only tasty, but it's healthy too. It's a win win for everyone!

Put Something Tasty and Healthy in Their Baskets This Year

    I don't know about you, but in years past, I have put more small toys and items than treats in my family's baskets, because I wasn't comfortable cramming it full of sugary candy. But this year I stumbled upon on some tasty treats that don't just taste amazing, but they're much better for you than traditional candy.

Dark Chocolate Lovers Unite!

    My husband and I happen to adore dark chocolate. It's one of our favorite treats. So when I came across Sweet Valley Organics, I was stoked. They have Organic Dark Chocolate Snack Bites that are to die for! Sweet Valley Organics takes fruits and nuts, and covers them in yummy dark chocolate. With fresh organic ingredients, you get the best of both worlds with these sweet snacks.

    Choose from Chewy Bananas, Tart Cherries, and Sea Salt Caramel Cashews. Or you can pick Sea Salt Toffee Almonds, and Cinnamon Praline Pecan. All of which include a dark chocolate covering. Holy yum! Grab some for your family's Easter baskets today!   

Nut Brittle That Won't Wreak Havoc on Your Teeth

    I LOVE peanut brittle. What I don't love is how hard it is to eat! Which is where Softer Than Brittle comes in. Using a copper kettle, they create small batches of tasty, nutty confections that are even better than traditional brittle. And they're SOFT! 

    You can choose from Softer Than Brittle Peanut, Cashew, Pecan, and Almond. They're all fantastic so I suggest one of each! Even better than that is, Softer Than Brittle is Gluten and Dairy free, as well as being free of preservatives, cholesterol, and hydrogenated oil. Oh and it's Vegan too! You can eat something that tastes fantastic, and not feel guilty about! 

Something Salty for Their Basket

    I love snack mixes. Perhaps one of my favorite brands is Route 66 from Redstone Foods. They have four snack mixes that are amazing! I'm currently noshing on their Santa Fe Adobe snack mix. It's the perfect mix of sweet and spicy which included Redskin Peanuts, Hot Cajun Corn Sticks, Honey Sesame Chips, Corn Nuggets, and Pepitas (pumpkin seeds) all covered in Chipotle seasoning.


    Oh, and check out their soda pops to wash down their snack mixes! They have root beer, cream, cherry, blue raspberry and more. (Check out their selection of candy too!) They'd all make perfect additions to any Easter basket!

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