Monday, March 5, 2018

PureBites® are Purely PAWsome and Make Great Easter Pet Goodies

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again! My girls adore PureBites®. Because of that, we're stocking up for their Easter baskets. So let's take a look at their yummy treats and foods!

PureBites® are Purely PAWsome and Make Great Easter Pet Goodies

    Whether your fur baby is canine, feline, or both PureBites® has something they're going to love. They have treats and foods that are made from pure, all natural products. If you're tired of reading pet food labels and not knowing what half of the stuff is, or not wanting to think about what the other half is, then PureBites® is for you (and your pets!)

"Did someone say PureBites®?"

    This year you can fill their baskets with goodies that you can feel confident in. They're going to love them, and you're going to love knowing that they're eating something that not only tastes good, but it's good for them too!

Why PureBites®?

    Their foods and treats are made with only ONE to THREE ingredients. They're one hundred percent natural and made right here in the USA. The treats and foods are freeze dried, or dried, locking in all the taste, freshness and goodness that nature intended. 

For the Dogs

   We have two dog daughters. Josie is our little mutt, but we love her tons! Bayleigh is our German Shepherd that came here to be a Service Dog to our son, but also "works" for me as well. They both love PureBites®!
    With ten different Freeze Dried treats to choose from, you're sure to find something for every dog in your home. My girls love them all and are currently enjoying their 100% pure USDA chicken breast. As a matter of fact, that's the ONLY ingredient! 

Dogs Love Jerky Too!

    Liam could live off of beef jerky. When he eats it, his "sisters" are right there! Well now they can have their very own jerky. PureBites® has three different types to choose from. They have Bacon Pork jerky, Chicken Sweet Potato, and regular Chicken jerky. Grab some today for their Easter baskets! 

Freeze Dried Vittles for Your Feline

    Clara isn't to be forgotten. My grand baby girl is also a connoisseur of PureBites® goodies. They have a full line of their Freeze Dried treats for cats too. Everything from real shrimp, to ocean whitefish, duck and chicken livers, and more. Right now Clara is enjoying the shrimp, which are real tiny freeze dried shrimp. Because just like the dog ones, the cat treats are made with only one to three ingredients. They also have a new one! Chicken breast mixed with catnip is sure to make your cat happy!

Treats, Toppers, or the Full Meal

    PureBites® Mixers are pre packed portions of real meat for your kitty. You can serve them as a treat, an appetizer, as topping on their cat food, or as a full meal. They're perfect for cats of any age, but especially cats that need a healthier diet. Clara adores every one of the five flavors you can choose from. There's Wild Skipjack Tuna and Chicken Breast, Chicken Breast and Wild Ocean Shrimp, Wild Skipjack Tuna and Alaskan Salmon, Chicken Breast, Wild Skipjack Tuna. 

For more information and to stock up on some Easter goodies for your fur babies, then head to PureBites®. There you can find a store that carries their tasty vittles either online or in person. 

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