Thursday, March 22, 2018

Pamper Her Right at Home for Mother's Day

    Moms deserve to be pampered. With Mother's Day right around the corner, you can do this for her, right in the comfort of your home. Keep reading to learn how to make her day!

Pamper Her Right at Home for Mother's Day

    I love spa experiences, however, I'd rather enjoy them right in the comfort of my own home. (Plus, it's cheaper that way too!) If you want to spoil mom, yet still save a bit of cash, then you have to check out KOCOSTAR. They offer everything you'll need to give mom a day of pampering. From face, to hands, feet, and more.  

A New Spin on Giving Flowers

    Flowers are a great way to show her your love. But how about mixing it up a bit? This Mother's Day give her flowers that will not only help her relax, but will moisturize and revitalize her face as well!

    KOCOSTAR's Flower Masks do just that. Pretty little flowers that mom will place all over her face. Then she can sit back, and relax for about twenty minutes while they work their magic! You can choose from spring Tulips, summery Sunflowers, and an all time favorite, Roses.

A More Convenient Facial Mask

    I tried KOCOSTAR's Tulip mask last night, and I immediately fell in love. First of all, I loathe facial masks that cover your entire face, with the little flap for the nose. They slide down, and are a sensory nightmare to me. KOCOCSTAR's Flower Masks are actually shaped like flowers, and you get two sheets with 6 patches each, (so 12 in total). All you do is place the flowers all over your face and relax while they do their magic. It was much more comfortable than typical facial masks, and I loved the experience!

    The dry patches that plague my face in the winter are gone! My skin feels much smoother and looks softer too!

With mask, and after mask, feeling refreshed!

    If your mom is like me, then she's going to adore these masks. They even have Fruit Slice ones too! The masks include either real fruit or (if you choose a flower mask) real flower extracts!

Show Mom's Hands Some Love

    As winter slowly winds down, are skin is in need of added moisture. Many mom's hands are dry from dishes, laundry, changing diapers, and even from their paying jobs. KOCOSTAR has a wide selection of Hand Masks that mom can use while she's wearing a face mask.

She'll Want Her Feet and Legs to be Ready for Summer

    It may not feel like it, but summer is coming! Moms everywhere will want their feet and legs ready for warmer weather. So check out KOCOSTAR's full selection of pampering products for mom's feet and legs. They have Foot Peeling Packs, and packs to give dry winter skin some added moisture.

Create Your Own Gift, or Get One That's Ready for Gifting

    You can create your very own spa like gift for mom by choosing any of those fantastic products I talked about. She can enjoy an all inclusive spa day right at home in her own bathroom. She'll come out feeling relaxed, refreshed, and gorgeous!

    If you'd rather buy a gift set that is already curated, then KOCOSTAR has those too. You can see them here. Either way, grab mom some relaxing products from KOCOSTAR, the book she's reading, or the tablet she uses to binge her favorite show, and let her lock herself in the bathroom for the day. She will thank you for it!

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