Friday, March 30, 2018

Packing Tips for Spring Break or Summer Vacation

    Many people are getting ready to head out for Spring Break. Summer vacations are right around the corner too, so we thought we'd share some packing tips! (Because I don't know about you, but I'm ready for vacation!)

Packing Tips for Spring Break or Summer Vacation

    Many people dislike packing for vacations, but I actually love to pack for trips. (It's the re-packing at the cottage to leave, and the unpacking at home, that I loathe.) Since I love it so much, I have found some pretty neat hacks that I'd like to share with you all.

Make a List

    Make a list and follow it! Don't make it and forget to use it! I have drilled this into my boys heads, and they FINALLY do it too! I usually start making my list a few weeks before we will be leaving. That way I can add to it as I think of something that we may need. (This is especially useful if you'll be camping.)
    When it's time to pack, check off each item as you pack it. That way you know you have everything you'll need, and you can relax a bit more.

Roll With It

    Literally! Roll your clothes when packing them up. It saves so much more space. I have even taught Liam to roll his entire outfits. He takes shorts or pants, lays down a shirt, and then underpants, and rolls them up. Voila! Instant outfit!

Packing Cubes are a Must

    I swear by packing cubes! They make packing and unpacking so much easier! I really love this set of 6 Packing Cubes by Amelleon. Each packing cube is made of ultralight, durable, and waterproof nylon. They also feature sturdy zippers. The tops are mesh so you can easily see what you have packed in each cube.

    I like to pack by clothing. I use one cube for pajamas, another for jeans and shorts, one for swim wear, panties, bras, and socks, another for shirts, and then the last is for my shoes. The shoe cube from Amelleon is perfect for fitting a few pairs of shoes. It doesn't have the mesh top which is great because if your shoes are worn and a bit dirty, your clothes in the suitcase will stay clean!

    It has a laundry bag! This set of packing cubes comes with a dirty laundry bag. I love it! Over packing is my jam because I hate feeling unprepared. Which means that I don't dirty all of my clothing. So I really love the idea of having a dirty laundry bag.

Upcycle Old Medicine Bottles

    If you're cheap like me, you don't want to spend money on travel bottles. If you're also like me and tend to save everything, then you may have a stash of old medicine bottles. Soak them in super hot water to remove the labels and let them dry.

    You can now use them for lotions, shampoos, and soaps. They even make a handy cotton swab and cotton ball dispenser!

    Speaking of bottles, if you're going to be away for an extended period, or if you just want to take an entire bottle of shampoo or conditioner, then grab some plastic wrap. Remove the lids, and cover the opening with the plastic wrap. Then simply place the lids back on. It will keep them from leaking in your bag.


    I think that about sums up my tips. The last one is, RELAX. Enjoy your vacation and make the most of your free time! With these tips you'll be able to do just that!

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