Friday, March 9, 2018

No Phone, No Problem! Portable Speaker AND Music on the Go From AncordWorks

    We're really loving our AncordWorks products. However, this one may just be the most convenient! You can carry your music right in this speaker!

No Phone, No Problem! Portable Speaker and Music on the Go From AncordWorks

    Some people don't have music on their phones. Nor do they want to take them into a steamy and wet bathroom, or sit them next to a pool. But that's not an issue with AncordWorks Bluetooth Shower Speaker.

    You can play music from your phone via Bluetooth, OR you can put it on a micro SD card, load the card into your speaker, and enjoy your tunes, PHONE FREE! It even comes with an 8 gig micro SD memory card, AND a card reader so you can transfer your music files right to it! Seriously, I am super impressed with that!

Sturdy and Impressive

    The AncordWorks Bluetooth Shower Speaker is built to be tough. It's made from metal, silicone, and water resistance IPX5. This speaker is waterproof, dust proof, and shock proof. I can attest to this as when my son picked it up, he dropped it on the hard wood floor. Not a scratch to the speaker and it didn't do any damage internally either.

    The impressive internal battery runs for about twenty-three hours per charge which is awesome! So you can now enjoy your music pool side, or on the beach, (with or without your phone) for the entire day! You can even make calls as it has a built in mic! Which makes it perfect for the home, office, or camping trip too.

All in One Design Comes with Everything You Need

    In this day in age, convenience is everything. This speaker by AncordWorks is just that. It comes with everything you need to enjoy your music wherever you do. It comes with the USB plug to charge it as well as the cable. It also comes with a carabiner clip to hang it up or a suction cup to stick to a wall or mirror. See how handy that is?

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  1. Thanks for sharing this amazing product! This bluetooth shower speaker comes with everything. We can use it everywhere like beach, washroom, bathroom, pool etc.