Saturday, March 17, 2018

Mr. Bubble Still Makes Bath Time Fun

     I grew up with Mr. Bubble. We always had a bottle of "his" bubble bath on the side of our tub, and it made bath time so much fun. It's all I ever used for Bran when he was little, and now for Liam.

 Mr. Bubble Still Makes Bath Time Fun!

    Good ol' Mr. Bubble has been around for fifty years. He was a part of our nightly ritual as kids, and then when I became a mom, he was and is part of my boys. Liam is (almost) twelve, but he still uses Mr. Bubble. After all, Mr. Bubble is America's favorite bath time buddy! 

    His current go to is Mr. Bubble Foam Soap. This stuff is so cool! Kids can mold it and create fun shapes in the tub. When they're done, they use it to wash themselves! This Foam Soap turns bath time into the perfect sensory experience, which also means the "mess" is contained in the tub. Since it's also soap, the aftermath can be rinsed away. So let your kids go wild and enjoy the fun!

    Liam "shaves" with it too. He has a few of those plastic toy razors. He takes his Mr. Bubble Foam Soap, and emulates how his daddy lathers up his face and shaves. Hey, it's great (and safe) practice for when he actually needs to shave. (Tear! They grow up TOO FAST!)

Sensory Scents 

    Okay, so Mr. Bubble is for everyone, but as an autism mom, I always find the sensory fun in products. Since his Foam Soap comes in different scents, it adds even more enjoyment to the sensory experience. You can choose from scents such as cherry, banana, cotton candy, watermelon, orange cream, grape, birthday cake, peach sorbet, and more. Each scent is also a different color which is even more fun!

Shower Painting

    Set up a Picasso Bath for your little ones! Grab all of the scents and colors of Mr. Bubble Foam Soap. Then get some paintbrushes, and one of your muffin tins. (If you don't want them using your good muffin pan, then upcycle an egg carton!) Fill each slot with a different scent/color, and let your kids have fun.

    They can "paint" the walls of the shower and tub with the Foam Soap, and when they're done, just rinse it away. It's a wonderful way to get them into the tub. Just be warned, it might be a chore to get them back out!

Mr. Bubble is the Bomb

Your parents trusted Mr. Bubble, and now we trust him for our kids. You can still get a full line of bubble baths, as well as Magic Bath Crackles and more. To see them all, visit Mr. Bubble. Easter is coming. Stock up and fill their baskets with fun! 

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Sensitive Skin? Want Something More Natural?

    If your child has sensitive skin, or if you're looking for something more natural, then check out Nourishing Naturals. (The Village Company is home to Mr. Bubble and the Nourishing Naturals line.) Nourishing Naturals line of bath time products features beloved Sesame Street characters, AND is made from all natural products, including fruits and veggies! You can get some at Target.  

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