Thursday, March 8, 2018

More Fun From Goliath Games

     We just got some more fun from Goliath Games. Liam was stoked because they came just in time for Friday Family Game Night! These games brought tons of giggle and even better, they helped us to work on our hand eye coordination. Let's take a look!

More Fun From Goliath Games

    We're always on the look out for new games to add to our repertoire. I really love hands on ones that aren't just fun, but also help my son work on things like his fine motor skills, hand eye coordination and so on. That's part of the reason I was happy when I saw the games Liam pulled out of the box. 

    He got Doggy Doo, Let's Go Fishing, and Mr. Bucket. These classic games have been fun for generations of kids, and now your kids can enjoy them too. Doggy Doo is better than ever, so let's break them down!

The All New Doggy Doo

    In all honesty, I never got Liam the original Doggy Doo game because it was too messy. My friend had it for her kids and he played with them, and if you remember the old game, you'll remember the mess. That's no longer an issue because Goliath Games made some much needed changes.

    The all new Doggy Doo game is better than ever, and MESS FREE! You now feed doggy a food pellet that isn't messy and much easier to use! The game also teaches kids responsibility in a funny way. When Doggy Doos they scoop it up with the doo shovel, and place it in the game receptacle. I love how Goliath Games is teaching our kids to clean up after their fur family! 

    Liam loves the fart cards and he laughs every time Doggy toots! It really is hysterical. He also enjoys that Doggy looks like his sweet Josie Joy! Your kids are going to have a blast with this game, and since there's no mess, its a win win for you!

Let's Go Fishin' (Inside!)

    One of our most beloved past times is fishing. However, it's not something we can do at the moment. (Roll on Spring!) Since we can't fish at our favorite ponds, we can now fish right in our living room. Let's Go Fishin' is the classic from our childhood. Cute little fish swim around in the pond, and kids have to catch them on their poles. 

    As it spins the fish open and close their mouths, and kids have to get their poles in there at the right time to land that whopper! It comes with four poles, and hours of fun. 

    This game is perfect for working on their hand eye coordination in a fun and engaging way. It's prefect for the home, classroom, or even therapy clinic. You can also use it to teach your child colors, and simple addition too. But best of all, you can spend time laughing and having fun as a family!

Good Ol' Mr. Bucket!

    Goliath Games and Pressman Toy bring us the classic Mr. Bucket game. Kids chase Mr. Bucket around and try to get all of their colored balls in his mouth. But beware, as he moves, he also spits the balls back out! 

    This game is perfect for getting the sillies and wiggles worked out in kids. (Or as I like to call it, Operation Wear Them Out.) It teaches kids colors, and work on their fine motor skills, as well as their hand eye coordination. However, they just think they're behaving a blast!

More Fun From Goliath Games

    These are just a few of the awesome games that Goliath games has for you and your family. With Easter coming, make sure you check them out. Fill their baskets with good old fashioned family fun!

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