Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Make That Slime More Satisfying!

    If you're the parent of a tween or teen, then I'm willing to bet you're well versed in the making of slime. However, there are ways to make that slime more satisfying!! There are different kinds you can make, but you can also take a simple recipe, and add in some fun!

Make That Slime More Satisfying!

    We make slime a few times a week here. Not only is it a great lesson in mixing stuff and reactions, but for us, it serves a sensory purpose too! We recently made some Fluffy Slime, and that was a huge hit with Liam.

    Though it has lost a bit of its fluffiness, its currently his go to slime. He lays it out and cuts it, rolls it, scoops it and more. But I thought it would be fun if we added something to it. Which is where this Slime Supplies Making Kit comes in.

Loads of Fun

    This kit is a ton of fun! It's packed full of slime add ins to make them more satisfying to play with and even look at. The Slime Supplies Making Kit comes with twelve bags of foam beads in colors such as pink, white, blue, black, purple, and more. It also comes with two bags of mini foam beads in a mixed variety of colors, as well two bags of large foam beads in the same colors.

    You get one bag of colorful pom poms, a bag of clay fruit slices, a bag of loom bags, and a bag of fish bowl beads. Everything you need to make some crunchy, cool slime!

    It also comes with three tools for cutting, slicing, scooping your slime and more!

Fluffy Slime Recipe

    Let's talk slime making! I am going to share Liam's recipe for Fluffy Slime. I've added the measurements in an easy to reference image, but first, let's talk.

    Okay, so let me first say that generic glue does NOT make for very good slime. We have made TONS of slime, and it has to be with Elmer's. 

    Secondly, in order for this recipe to work, the contact solution MUST HAVE BORIC ACID in the ingredients. (The Equate brand at Walmart works great!)

     Third, only use 1 tsp of contact solution to start. You can always add more later. Also, don't add too much because once the slime "rests" it will be perfect. I always start Liam with one tsp, then add a bit more if needed. But don't make your slime too stiff or once it rests, it will be hard.

   And lastly, make sure you're using shaving cream foam. Don't use gels! This is important too!

     Gather your ingredients and you're ready to make some slime! 

    Are you enjoying your fluffy slime? I bet you are. But not it's time to add some texture! Add some foam beads, the fish bowl beads or both!

    If you're making slime with clear Elmer's, try adding some of the fruit slices! They look so neat in there! As you can see, we are loving our Slime Supplies Making Kit. If you have a slime lover, they're going to love it too! With Easter quickly approaching, it would make a great addition to their Easter basket!

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