Monday, March 12, 2018

It's Time to Meet the Mysticons!

    Girls need superheroes too! We want our young ladies to have good roll models to look up to. Ones that are strong in character as well as in physical abilities. Which is why it's time to meet the Mysticons. Your little ladies are going to love the girl power of the Mysticons, and enjoy taking part in their quest for the greater good!

It's Time to Meet the Mysticons

    When I was a young girl, we didn't have many female superheroes to idolize. Sure there were the women of Xmen, but back then there wasn't a cartoon, let alone action figures to play with. (Though She Ra was awesome, but other than her and her sidekicks, girl superheroes wasn't really a thing. Thankfully geek is chic, and female warriors are now in the spotlight. So it's the perfect time to introduce you and your girls to the Mysticons!

What Do a Princess, a Dwarf, an Elf, and a Street Kid Have in Common?

    Being super cool with special abilities to keep the world a great place to live! These four teen girls have the ability to transform into legendary warriors. They use it to keep their realm safe from the evil that lurks around every corner.

    Arkayna is the princess that just wants to be an ordinary teen, but she knows that she has a greater calling. Em is a super smart dwarf that can engineer just about anything! Piper is an elf that loves music and acrobatics. With her Magical Hoops, she is unstoppable! Zarya is the fiercely protective street kid. As the Mysticon Ranger, her weapon is the Magic Bow and Arrow. Her pet Choko, never leaves her side. Malvaron is the teen dude that helps the Mysticons learn to use their powers to the best of their ability. I love how the girls are the protagonists!

Play it While You Watch it

    Your kids can enjoy watching Mysticons on Nickelodeon. They can also catch it on YouTube. If they're like my kid, they'll want to play while they watch, so make sure you grab them some action figures. My son wanted to check them out because in this house, toys aren't gender specific. Plus, his female cousin comes often for sleepovers, and he wanted "girl power toys to play with Ash with!"

    He got Arkayna and Em for when Ash comes to play. Liam was so excited when he opened them up. "She's gonna love these mama! Look they even have pets!" And now we're watching Mysticons, so he can brush up on it to play with Ash.

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