Friday, March 9, 2018

i-Blason and SUPCASE Keep Their Devices Safe and Secure

    We live in a device driven world. Many of us couldn't live without our smart phones and tablets. Especially our autistic loved ones. And when those devices get cracked or ruined due to falls and more, our kids are lost. i-Blason and SUPCASE are here to help!

i-Blason and SUPCASE Keep Their Devices Safe and Secure

    Liam doesn't go anywhere without his phone. It has all of his games, music, and our streaming services to pass time for appointments. Although he doesn't, I know of many other children that use their phones for portable communication devices. Which is why it's so important for us to have quality cases for them.

    When I got a new to me phone, I gave Liam my Samsung S5. However, my cases were more pretty or geeky than sturdy and functional. So I wanted to get him something that would hold up his rough and tumble self. I decided on the ArmorBox Dual Layer Hybrid Full Body Protective Case from i-Blason. I'm super impressed with this case! Let me tell you why.

Strong and Sturdy

    The ArmorBox is super sturdy. It has a polycarbonate outer shell that offers full protection to the phone. The TPU inner core protects the phone from shock, drops, and scratches. This case fully encases your phone, cradling it in safety.

Built In Screen Protector

    I don't know about you, but I've had phone cases with built in screen protectors in the past, and I hated them. They were too thick to read your fingerprint, and they often made your screen resolution blurry. The ArmorBox is far superior! It's built in screen protector is crystal clear. You can't even tell there's one covering your screen! It's also responsive to your touch, and fully supports the S5 Fingerprint scanner and Heart Beat sensor. I was honestly shocked when I put this case on my son's phone. It's amazing!

More from i-Blason and SUPCASE

    This is just one case from iBlason and SUPCASE. They have a full selection for various smart phones, tablets, and more. From Samsung, to Apple, LG, HTC, and more. To see them all you have to visit i-Blason and SUPCASE.

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