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Hyperacusis, Autism, and HearMuffs

     Hyperacusis is very common among autistics. You may not have heard of it by the medical name, but simply put, it's auditory sensitivities. It's hard to enjoy the world around you if certain noises or pitches actually hurt you.

Hyperacusis, Autism, and HearMuffs

    Liam was always sensitive to certain noises. I will never forget the time we were downtown to visit the craft store, and a bunch of semis were coming up main street. We were crossing the street up further, and suddenly he ripped his hand out of mine, fell to the ground, and shielded his ears with his hands.

    Thankfully at five years old, he was still small enough that I could scoop him and carry him to side walk quickly. That was a very scary moment, and one of my first learning experiences along our autism journey. (He wasn't diagnosed until he was five years old, so his Dx was fairly new when this happened.)

So What Do We Do?

    Children (and adults) on the Autism Spectrum that experience Hyperacusis often shield their ears to certain sounds, frequencies, or pitches. Often they will not go to certain places where these offensive noises happen. (For years, Liam struggled in the checkout lane of the grocery store. The beep of the scanner was excruciating for him.) Avoiding public places can socially isolate the autistic, but there is help.

    Hearing protection. A good pair of ear muffs will make their life so much better! By blocking out those painful noises, the wearer can once again enjoy the world around them.

HearMuffs by Lucid Audio

    Liam loves his HearMuffs by Lucid Audio. As his mom, I love them too. Not only are they comfortable for him to wear, but they're made with non-toxic, kid safe materials. HearMuffs are Audiologist recommended too! 

     These ear muffs feature an industry leading 22 Noise Reduction Rating (NRR.) That means they will protect their ears from not only painful, but also loud noises. Liam wears his if we're going somewhere that he knows bothers his ears. They're also handy for when he goes to the tractor pulls, mud bogs, and amusement parks. 

    They look cool too, so there's no worry of your older kids not wanting to wear them. HearMuffs come in a variety of colors. You can choose from orange, red, blue, pink, white, and more.

Kids and Younger 

    HearMuffs comes in different sizes too. The kids HearMuffs are for kids ages five to ten years old. Liam is almost twelve, and they fit him well since they're adjustable. However, if your child is younger, Lucid Audio also has HearMuffs for them too!

     To learn more, and see all of their products, visit Lucid Audio.  Right now you can SAVE 15% off your HearMuffs! Use coupon code hearmuffs15 at checkout! 

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