Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Give Them the Gift of Sensory Calming

    Gifts in this home usually have a dual purpose. Since Liam is such a seeker, we try to get him things that he will not only love, but items that will fulfill a sensory need as well. That's where Senseez comes in.

Give Them the Gift of Sensory Calming

    Senseez knows that some kids and adults need more sensory input than others. Which is why they have created cushions, pillows, and lap items, that offer them the extra input that they need. Adults and kids alike can relax, be soothed, and more focus thanks to Senseez.

Good Vibrations

    Have you ever taken a few moments to sit in one of the massage chairs in the mall? If so, you know how relaxing it can be. Your body relaxes from the constant rhythms of the vibrations. Many kids whom seek sensory input are constantly moving. However, that isn't always possible, especially in school. Senseez vibrating pillows and cushions help to calm their bodies by keeping their muscles moving, while they sit still. 

    Senseez Originals are vinyl sit upon cushions that offer those calming vibrations. You can also choose from one of their trendy vibrating pillows (they look like shirts!) If you're looking for even more input, then check out their 3 in 1 Adaptables. These bolster shaped pillows offer children and adults added weight, vibrations, and hot/cold therapy as well. You'll be giving them three calming tools in one convenient item. 

Some Like it Hot, Some Like it Cold

     The Soothables line from Senseez offers kids (and adults) either vibrations, or warm and cooling therapy. Plus, the outsides of Soothables are soft to the touch, and offer other parts to run your fingers through for even more input. 

    Liam happens to love cold things. He puts his smallest blanket in the freezer so it's "nice and cold," every day. So he chose the Soothables Lil Turtle Hot/Cold Pack. As soon as it came, he took the inner pack out and put it right in the refrigerator. Then he took the turtle cover and rubbed it all over his face. It's so soft, and the little "lumps" on it, offer a really neat feeling.

Perfect for Easter Gifts

    With Easter right around the corner, why not give your kids some calming vibes? Check out all of Senseez products on their website. We love them and know that you will too!

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