Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Exploding Kittens Makes Game Night More Exciting

     You guys! You know my family loves us a good family game night. And while we typically enjoy Friday Family Game Night, we made an exception last night, because of Exploding Kittens! This card game is amazeballs!

Exploding Kittens Makes Game Night More Exciting

    For a game to truly be successful in this home, it has to be entertaining, and not too drawn out. For example, Monopoly is no go here because neither of my boys have the attention span for that. By the time you set it up, they're done! We like games that can be enjoyed quickly. Ones that you can choose to play a few rounds and still be done in an hour. Exploding Kittens does just that.

For Those That Love Kittens, Hairy Backs, Pig-a-corns, and Incendiary Devices 

    Okay, so you're not really blowing anything up. Which is good because when Liam first read the game title he said, "Oh no mom! We can't make kittens explode!" Literal Liam strikes again! 

    In Exploding Kittens, two to five players (ages seven and up,) battle it out drawing cards from the deck. If you draw the feisty feline card of an Exploding Kitten, you're out. But.... if you have a Defuse card in your hand, you can calm it down. Laser Pointers, Kitten Yoga, and Catnip Sandwiches will stop you from dying in the game.

How I feel about Mondays....

    Strategic players will use other cards to attack their opponents, skip a turn or to relocate an Exploding Kitten card in secret. You can also play Cat Cards to activate special powers. Cards such as Tacocat, Hairy Potato Cat, and Rainbow Ralphing Cat will have your kids giggling away.

You've Got Crabs

   Three words no adult wants to hear. But seriously, in The Oatmeal's new game, You've Got Crabs teams of two players battle it out. The game is family friendly, and like Exploding Kittens, it's face paced and addictive. So grab a partner, figure out your secret code, join the other teams, and have some fun! 

More Games Equals More Fun

    These are just two of the super fun games from the creators of Exploding Kittens and The Oatmeal. They also have Bears Vs. Babies, and Imploding Kittens. If you're into merch, they have that too! You can see it all on their website. Easter is coming, so grab a fun family game for someones Easter basket!

To learn more, and to get your hands on these games, go to Exploding Kittens website. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

The Oatmeal

    If you've never seen one of The Oatmeal's hilarious comics or memes, then you must be living under a rock. They crack myself and millions of other up daily, and you have to check them out. Make sure you're following them on Facebook to enjoy their funnies in your daily feed!

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