Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Easter Goodies for Kids of All Ages

     Easter is getting closer! Have you started getting goodies for their baskets? We just started and I have a few toys to tell you about that I think kids of all ages will enjoy!

Easter Goodies for Kids of All Ages

    Tomy has long been a maker of some of our kids favorite toys. They have everything from Pokemon, John Deere, Sonic the Hedgehog and more. You're sure to find a ton of goodies to put in their baskets! I just got Liam two awesome toys from Tomy that he's going to love, and I can't wait to tell you about them!

Spring Means Playing in the Dirt

    After being cooped up all winter, my boy looks forward to getting outside and digging in the dirt! He loves having all sorts of cars and tractors to play with. I got him this cute little John Deere Gator from their Monster Treads collection. He's going to love this addition to his toy car and truck collection. It even has the open back for hauling dirt and pebbles. The small size makes it wonderful addition to your child's Easter basket. To see all of John Deere toys from Tomy, click here.

Sensory Fun Wherever We Roam

    In this home, toys have no gender identity, and no age limit. Especially when they can fulfill Liam's sensory needs. Which is why I know he's going to love Tomy's Lamaze Jibber Jabber Jake.

    While initially designed for babies and toddlers, this frog is packed full of sensory input areas. It makes little frog sounds as you turn it over. Different parts of the body crinkle fulfilling both auditory and tactile sensory needs. There's even a silicone leaf to fulfill kids' need to chew. Oh and the clip on it means, you can hang it anywhere. (I'll keep Liam's in the car so he always has sensory input with him.) Plus it's adorable! The bright colors and cute face are sure to make it a hit with your child. (I totally recommend it for special needs that seek sensory input!)

   This is just one example of the adorable and fun toys that you can find from Lamaze. From butterflies, inch worms, donkeys and more, they have sensory fun for kids. Check them out!

Much More from Tomy

    These are just two of the hundreds of toys you can find from Tomy and their parent brands. To see them all, you have to head to their website. With free shipping on contiguous US orders over 50$, now is a great time to stock for their Easter baskets.

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