Friday, March 16, 2018

Does Your Fur Baby Scoot?

    If you're a pet mom or dad, then you may have noticed your fur son or daughter doing the "scoot." That's where they are rubbing their rears across your floor. They do this because their anal glands are not emptying properly. That's where Glandex comes in.

Does Your Fur Baby Scoot?

    If so, then they have an anal gland problem. Dogs "scoot" when their anal glands are inflamed. It's more common among small and medium sized dogs, however large dogs and cats can also have the same issue. 

     So what is the "scoot?" This is when dogs (or cats) drag their rear end across the carpet or ground. They do so because their anal glands have not been emptying properly and are either impacted or infected.

What Causes the Scoot?

    Many things can contribute to a dog's anal glands not emptying properly. But it basically boils down to their bowel movements. When a bowel movement is solid enough, it will naturally press against the anal glands so they can empty properly. However, since diet can affect their BM, causing it to not be firm enough, the glands won't naturally empty. These secretions build up and become impacted. (Gland trauma, or deeper set glands can also contribute to scooting.)

    If your dog has this problem, then at times an oily and very foul smelling substance may be secreted. You'll know what it is because it has the most awful rotten fish type smell. It's disgusting and enough to gag you. But don't worry because Glandex is here to help!

Glandex Boots the Scoots!

    I first discovered Glandex through my parents. Their frenchie Benson, has anal gland issues like my Josie. Their vet actually recommended Glandex for him. He's been on it for months, and hasn't had any issues with his anal glands. Before taking Glandex, they would have to either express it themselves, or take him to Dr. Joan to have it done. (Let me tell you, it's gross, and you would definitely want the vet to do it.) But who wants to take their fur baby to the doctor all the time? 

    I don't, and neither do my parents, and I'm guessing you don't want to either. Which is why you need Glandex. If your dog or cat scoots, you can help them. It comes in tasty Peanut Butter Chews, or Beef Flavored Powder.

Easy to Give, and Pet Love it

    My Josie is super picky, and adding anything to her food causes her to turn her nose up. She automatically knows its medicine and will refuse to eat. So for her, I use the Glandex Peanut Butter Chews. She loves them and thinks they are a snack. Just one a day (for her size) and she no longer scoots, or leaves stinky gunk on our furniture or floor.

    Benson loves the Beef Flavored Powder. He actually won't eat unless you put something into his food. (He has a special food he has to eat for allergies.) So for him, my mom and dad add some Glandex to his food once a day. He no longer scoots, and doesn't have to have his anal glands manually expressed.

    My family swears by Glandex, but don't just take our word for it. Try it for yourself! 

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